RVT Core Values

Rogue Valley Timbers Core Values:


We shall strive for excellence in everything we do as coaches, players and parents.
Coaches will be professional in both their appearance (RVT attire on for practice and games)
and their actions including the way we speak to players, opponents and officials.
Coaches practice sessions will be well thought out, organized and effective.
Examples of coaches' actions exemplifying excellence:
● Appearance - neatly dressed in RVT gear
● Equipment - cones organized, balls properly inflated
● Practices planned and organized ahead of time
● Attend and engage in all coaches meetings and educational sessions
● Continually seeking opportunities to learn and grow
Players will be prepared for training and work to improve each and every time they step on the
field. They will hold themselves to a high standard and work daily to achieve excellence in their
play. They will conduct themselves appropriately amongst their teammates, coaches and
Examples of players actions exemplifying excellence:
● They will show up to training on time ready to go
● The will always wear their training kits
● They will have all of their equipment
● Lining bags up at practice and games rather than randomly throwing all over the sideline
● They will communicate with the coach if they will not be at training or late to training.
● They will always support team members and work to build team unity
● They will do whatever they can to make their teammates better
Examples of parents actions exemplifying excellence:
● Having players to training on time
● Being supportive of your child's coach
● Supporting the overall mission and core values of the RVT

We will show respect at all times to:
● Teammates by encouraging them and supporting them in their quest to develop into the
best player and person the can become.
● Our opponents by welcoming them to our fields, battling hard on the field but
congratulating and thanking them for a hard fought game
● Game officials by understanding they don't get all of the calls right, accepting their
decisions and thanking them after the game regardless of game result
Players will show respect by:
● Being on time
● Being open to critique and coaching
● Respecting Equipment/venue
● Respecting our opponents, referees and fans
Coaches will show respect by:
● Being honest with players
● Being respectful to players when offering critique and coaching
● Not arguing with referees
Parents will show respect by:
● Not coaching individuals or team from sidelines
● Allowing players to make decisions during the games
● Allowing referees to do their jobs without comments or criticism
● Appreciating the coaches time and effort for sharing the love of the game
Respect the game, teammates, opponents, officials, coaches, players, parents, CLUB

● A willingness to fail
● Not being apologetic for making mistakes
● Courage to be open minded to different ideas
● To overcome adversity both short and long term (in practice, in a game, over a season)
● To overcome weakness
● To show sportsmanship even in the heat of battle
● To maintain and grow our culture
● Create a sense of belonging
● We are in this together
● Build connections
● Internal Community (RVT) and External Community (other clubs, referees, high
schools...etc to further the mission of growing the sport in S.O.)
● Connect with club alumni
● Build better/stronger connections at the younger ages
Ideas to help build community-
Adopt and age group - U12-U15 teams adopt recreational age group and invite to one training
each spring and fall. Perhaps they go out and watch recreational games in that age group one
Saturday each season.
Academy Nights - U11 Academy to invite players eligible for next year's academy into 1 training
session in fall and 1 session in spring. RVT DOC on hand to talk to parents at these events
Big Brother/Big Sister program - HS Age teams adopt U11-U14 teams. Have a shared training
on occasion. Try to come and cheer on at games.
Alumni Outreach - The above events will help build a future connection for club members.
However, we need to also try to connect with and engage with current alumni as they may be
willing to become coaches and/or assist the club in another fashion.

● Are on time for training and games
● Always have all gear necessary (training shirt, shin guards, uniform, socks)
● Calls or text coach when running late or missing training
● Must take ownership of their own development and be willing to look inward. Do not
blame other players for game results.
● Continually willing to self evaluate...after every game and training session.
● Before pointing out what team/player must improve, seek self improvement.
● Take ownership and your team will trust you/respect you more.
● Multifaceted levels of accountability needed. Are you conducting yourselves
appropriately on the sideline? Are you upholding standards/values of the club? Don't
blame coaching when team is not finding success. Help your player take ownership of
By adhering to and applying our core values we believe we can create a healthy environment to
allow our children to grow as soccer player and people. We strongly believe these core values
will lay the foundation for the players to have FUN which is ultimately the outcome we are
looking for.