Parent Code of Conduct

RVTSC Competitive Parent Code of Conduct

  1. I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all player's coaches, game officials and administrators at all times.

  1. I will encourage my child to treat all players, coaches and game officials with respect.

  1. I will allow the coach to coach. I will cheer from the sidelines…but I will not coach from the sidelines.

  1. I will treat the opposing fans with respect. I will refrain from engaging in any taunting or arguing with parents and fans from an opposing team.

  1. I will not come onto the field at anytime during a game or practice.

  1. I will not approach the coach with issues after practice or games. If I have an issue to discuss with the coach, I will reach out to arrange a meeting away from the field.

  1. I understand that playing time is not guaranteed. Playing time will be based on ability, effort in practice, adherence to team rules and game performance. Playing time is at the sole discretion of the coaching staff.

  1. I understand that the Rogue Valley Timbers has a zero-tolerance policy regarding referee harassment and/or abuse. Any actions deemed to be referee harassment and/or abuse could be grounds for immediate removal from the club.