2018/19 2006 Girls

RVT 06G Red
Head Coach: Jarda Hruska
Phone: 818-437-8852

Email: jarda1953@gmail.com

First Name Last Name
Nora Arias
Selah Arnold
Olivia Boger
Lilianna Castillo
Meriyl Currie
Brooke Fairbanks
Kiera Federline
Elise Fernandes
Bridget Grady
Selena Marmon
Payton Miller
Bella Musio
Maddy Ritchie
Natalie Scheuneman
Yurida Silva
Alia Villa
Abbie Wilkinson
Georgia Wingo

Unfortuantely there were not enough kids to form a second team in this age group. We encourage all players we were unable to place to consider continuing in our recreational soccer program.