Winter FAQ'S


Why is winter soccer so expensive?

The Rogue Valley Timbers work to provide the best experience possible for our players. This includes all training and games at US Cellular Community Sports Park (one of the best venues in the state of Oregon), knowledgeable and professional coaching and a great environment for players to reach their potential. Given the number of training sessions, games and resources provided the RVT registration fee is a great value when compared to other youth activities in the valley.

Is there scholarship money available?

Yes- The Rogue Valley Timbers are committed to removing as many financial barriers as possible and we do provide scholarship money for the registration fee. However, it is very rare that we provide 100% scholarship. We also allow the registration fee to be split into 4 payments. Teams and families are expected to do fundraising to help offset travel costs and team fees. Families receiving scholarship money will be expected to volunteer for the club at the Rogue Memorial Challenge over Memorial Day weekend. Please note, players that receive scholarship money and quit prior to the season ending (Rogue Memorial Challenge) will not have their player cards released until RVT is reimbursed.

How are the age groups formed? Will you make more than one team per age group?

RVT will work to make teams that can compete at the top levels in the state regardless of age group. For that reason, you will often see multiple age groups mixed together in this program. For players that do not make one of the top teams, we will make additional teams provided there are enough players to make teams viable.

We ask that you please understand the commitment required for this program as when players walk away it leaves teams short and sometimes unviable.

How do I tryout to play up?

All players must tryout at the day and time associated with their year of birth. All play-ups will be determined by the evaluators, team coaches and Director of Coaching.

Who evaluates tryouts? How are the players evaluated?

AS much as possible, we provide non-parent neutral evaluators. On occasion, there will be some parents involved. If we have a parent evaluator, they are not allowed) to score their own child. We work to have a minimum of 4 to 5 evaluators (more when possible) and we rank players by and average score.

Players are evaluated on their technical ability, tactical awareness, physical attributes and psychological make up.

Rankings may be adjusted based on prior knowledge of a player's attitude, work-rate, level of commitment etc…

I am injured and unable to participate in the tryout. What should I do?

If you are injured, you still must register for the tryout, be present and put on your assigned number. Coaches, evaluators and the Director of Coaching will do our best to compare what we know of your playing ability to those that are participating in the tryout.

I am unable to make it to the assigned tryout date and time. What should I do?

Unfortunately, we have a very limited amount of time to host the tryouts and get the teams formed. If you are unable to make the tryout, please check back after the tryout to see if there is any room left on the team. If so, we will offer a supplemental tryout. However, this will be based solely on numbers and there is no guarantee there will be open spots. Our best suggestion, is to make the tryout!

Do you offer refunds?

If you do not make a team, we will refund your money entirely. If you are placed on a team and chose not to participate or quit, there are NO REFUNDS.

How do I find out if I made a team?

All tryout results will be posted at within 10 days of the tryout being completed.

Does RVT offer anything for the high school player that does not want to play winter soccer OR does not make a team?

RVT will sponsor teams for the spring SOCL season. The Spring SOCL plays 9v9 and runs from the end of April through the weekend prior to Memorial Day. Teams usually play 8 games over 4 days. The format is venue based double headers. For example, 3 teams meet in Grants Pass on a Sunday- team A plays Team b at 11:00 AM, Team B plays team C at 1:00 PM and Team A plays team C at 3:00 PM. All games are on Sundays.

RVT does not host tryouts for these teams. They are set up through a parent willing to organize and coach. RVT will provide field space for training and games.