2020 2008 Girls Tryout Results

RVT 08 G Red
Head Coach: Sarah Thomas
Email: sarahthomas011@gmail.com

Campbell Allred
Danika Anderson
Raegan Burke
Eva Castillo
Gabriella Cooper
Jayda Dabbs
Laine Garrison
Luna Gutierez
Julia Hansen
Aubrey Hess
Autumn Jackson
Elsa Lee
Emma Lee
Elayna Petock
Wynn Pistole
Magnolia Ross
Gabriella Spence
Kendal Yazzolino

*Unforttunately, we did not have enough girls to form a second team at this age group. We have talked to the Ashland Soccer Club and they have a team with room in the 08 age group and would be happy to have the RVT girls. We will pass your contact infomration on to the ASC and they will be reaching out shortly.