Competitive Policies

Rogue Valley Timbers Competitive Soccer Policies


Fees are to be determined on a seasonal basis by the board of directors and are to offset expenses such as, but not limited to liability and secondary medical insurance, facility usage, office administration, general operating expenses and dues to sanctioning bodies (OYSA/US Club Soccer).

Club Fees are due at tryouts unless previous arrangements have been made with the club.

Fees do not include, uniforms, league dues, tournaments, travel expenses, and possible coaching expenses as determined by the Board of Directors, or any other expenses that a team may incur.

The Rogue Valley Timbers recognize that there are many players that have severe financial hardships. As such, RVT will provide scholarship money to players that would be excluded from participation without it. In order to be considered for financial assistance, families must COMPLETELY fill out provided scholarship form and provide all needed/requested documentation. Families that request scholarship money may be asked to meet with the scholarship committee to further discuss their need for financial assistance. The RVT Board of Directors will review all scholarship applications and award assistance based on the amount of funds available to the club and the level of need for the applicant. Whatever the difference is between the registration fee and the scholarship award will be the responsibility of the player and their family. In certain cases, payment plans may be agreed upon.


After tryouts are conducted, if a player is placed on a team, they will not be entitled to a refund of their registration fee. If a player is not placed on a team, their registration fee will be refunded in full.

Team Formation

All competitive teams will be formed via a tryout. In order to be considered for placement on a competitive team, players must attend all tryout sessions for the age group.

Injuries- Injured players must attend tryouts, sign in and put a numbered bib on. Injured players status on the team will be determined by discussions amongst the team head coach and the Director of Coaching.

Tryout Format- the tryout format will be determined by the Director of Coaching and will depend on the number of players that are attending the tryout.

Tryout Evaluations- Tryouts will be evaluated by a combination of an age group coach (Usually Premier Head Coach) and multiple neutral evaluators as appointed by the Director of Coaching. Evaluators are NOT permitted to evaluate their own child.

Upon completion of the evaluation process, evaluators will turn in their score sheets to the Director of Coaching.

Team formation follows these guidelines:

-Top 12 scores from the evaluators are automatically placed on the team

-Spots 13-18 are based on a discussion and consensus amongst the team head coach, the evaluators and the Director of Coaching

-The Director of Coaching has the final say on team formation and roster decisions.

Supplemental Tryouts- Supplemental tryouts will be conducted if the Director of Coaching determines they are needed. Supplemental tryouts may be conducted in a less formal fashion than the normal tryout process and team coaches may serve as evaluators.

Play Ups- Players wishing to play up an age group must finish as one of the top five players in the tryout for the older age group. Upon review of the tryout scores, the Director of Coaching will determine if it is in the best interest of both the player and the teams to allow a player to play up.

Player Commitment

Upon being selected to a Rogue Valley Timbers team, players are committing for a full season which for U11-U14 consists of the fall and spring season through the Rogue Memorial Challenge at the end of May and for High School Age teams consists of the Winter Season, State Cup (or Presidents Cup) through the Rogue Memorial Challenge at the end of May. The Rogue Valley Timbers will not release player cards prior to the conclusion of the Rogue Memorial Challenge.

Coaches Selection

Competitive coaches will be appointed by the Director of Coaching and approved by the Rogue Valley Timbers Board of Directors.

Coaches Code of Conduct

  1. My number one priority as a coach is to look out for the safety and welfare of our players. I will never place winning ahead of the safety and welfare of our athletes.

  1. I will respect all players, coaches and officials.
    1. Players must be treated with respect. Constructive criticism is part of our job as coaches. However, negative, demeaning or abusive treatment is not welcome.
    2. Abusing the officials will not be tolerated by RVTSC

  1. I will demonstrate knowledge of the laws of the game and will teach these rules to my players. I will not encourage my players to manipulate or break the laws of the game in order to achieve victory.

  1. I will not use profane, insulting or abusive language.

  1. I will not use alcohol, tobacco or drugs at any practice, game or tournament.

  1. I will be on time for practices and games, have an organized practice session prepared and present myself in a professional manner at all times.

  1. I will respect the decisions of all game officials (even if I disagree with them).

  1. I will serve as a role model for my players both on and off of the field and demonstrate fair play and sportsmanship at all times.

  1. I will maintain a positive demeanor with all of our athletes.

  1. I will treat our visiting teams as guests.

  1. I will hold my team to high standards and ensure that they represent the Rogue Valley Timbers with dignity and pride.

Parent Code of Conduct

I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all player's coaches, game officials and administrators at all times.

I will support the coaches and officials at all times in order to create a positive environment for all!

I will remember that the game is for the players- not the parents.

I will encourage my child to treat all players, coaches and game officials with respect.

I will allow the coach to coach. I will cheer from the sidelines…but I will not coach from the sidelines!

I will treat the opposing fans with respect. I will refrain from engaging in any taunting or arguing with parents and fans from an opposing team.

I will not come onto the field at anytime during a game or practice.

If I have a question or issue, I will make arrangements with the coach to speak about it away from the team and the field.

I understand that our coach is a volunteer. I will respect their time and have my child to practice on time, pick up on time and will clearly communicate with the coach if my child will be late or absent to a practice or a game.

I will refrain from taunting, criticizing and berating game officials.

I understand that violations of this code of conduct could be grounds for removal from the soccer fields and in some cases removal from Rogue Valley Timbers Soccer Club.

Player Code of Conduct

  1. I will encourage good sportsmanship from fellow players, coaches, officials,

and parents at all times.

  1. Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs are strictly prohibited

  1. I will respect all players (my teammates and opponents)

  1. I will respect all game officials and their decisions. I understand that abusing an official is strictly prohibited.

  1. I will treat all coaches both mine and our opponents with respect

  1. I will be on time for all practice and games. I will let my coach know ahead of time when there is a conflict.

  1. I will play by and respect the laws of the game.

  1. I will represent the Rogue Valley Soccer Club with Dignity and Pride both on and off of the field.

  1. I understand that this is the highest level of soccer. Playing time is not guaranteed. I understand that I can earn and lose playing time by my efforts in practice, adherence to team rules, attendance, and prior game performance.

  1. I will give my best effort at all times.

Uniform Policy-

The Rogue Valley Timbers proudly wear Adidas apparel for all competitive teams. Our uniforms change every two years and as such, teams will be required to replace their uniforms at the beginning of each new cycle. The uniforms consist of the following:

U11- 2 Jerseys, 2 Shorts, 2 Socks

U12-U18 2 Jerseys, 2 Shorts,, 2 Socks, warm ups and back pack

If a team is entering at the competitive soccer in the middle of the uniform cycle i.e. U11 team in year 2 of the cycle, you will need to purchase a uniform at your U11 year and again at your U12 year and then every two years after that. The only exception to this rule would be teams that are in their last year (U18) of competition. In this case, teams are able to stay in the same kit as previous years.