About the U11 Competitive Academy

U11 Academy

The RVT U11 Competitive Development Academy aims to prepare players interested in playing soccer at a competitive level.

The Academy is focused on the technical development of our youngest competitive players. Oftentimes, the pure desire to win every game and tournament tends to inhibit the development process and causes coaches and players to skip important steps in the overall development process. What wins games at this young age doesn't necessarily translate into learning to play the game properly and succeed in the older age groups.

To assure that we are developing players that can compete for the win when it truly matters, our philosophy is individual player development-driven rather than team results-driven. Players will play every position on the field throughout the year regardless of how it affects game outcome (no one will be forced to play goalkeeper). Players will be instructed to learn to play the game the right way...not just kick it far and outrun the defense. Players will be encouraged to take risks during the game.

Starting with the 2014/15 year, both the Boys and Girls Academy will be overseen and staffed by licensed professional coaches. Volunteer parent coaches will still work with these licensed coaches to facilitate practice and games. Professional Coaches will be announced shortly.

The teams will be formed from the overall pool of players and will change weekly. This allows all players to have the opportunity to play with and get to know all of the players in the group while at the same time allowing us the flexibility to manage the rosters to ensure that games are competitive in nature. The games will take place in the SOCL and have limited travel to Grants Pass, Roseburg, Klamath Falls, and Ashland. The fall season runs from the weekend after Labor Day until the last weekend in October. The Spring Season begins the weekend after Spring Break and runs through the weekend before Memorial Day.

The U11 age group will travel to the Mount Hood Challenge in Portland at the beginning of August and then play in the Rogue Memorial Challenge at the end of May.

Training for the fall season will begin in early July. Training for the spring will begin in late February/early March.

Estimated Fee Schedule for 2021/22 U11 Academy




Club Registration Fee- covers fall and spring league fees player card, secondary medical insurance, field rental, administrative and operational expenses, and Adidas soccer ball

The fee be split into 7 payments

$599.00 Tryouts-

Uniforms- Timbers Adidas Alliance Kits,
Includes 2 Jerseys, 2 Shorts, 2 Pr. socks, training shirt, training shorts, and socks

Rogue Memorial Challenge Fee $50.00 5/1/21
Total Estimated Cost 2011/2022 (without uniform)

The academy players typically play in the Mt. Hood Challenge summer tournament at the beginning of August in the greater Portland area.

The above fees DO NOT include summer tournament fees or tournament travel expenses. The tournament entry fee is $50 plus travel expenses.

There is limited financial aid available. Teams are expected to do fundraising to offset seasonal costs.

Rogue Valley Timbers U11 Competitive Academy Fact Sheet and FAQ:

My son/daughter really loves soccer and wants to play at a higher level, but we've heard that it requires us to travel to Portland every weekend.

We hear this rumor all the time as well. The fact is, that the U11 Academy does not require any overnight travel. Our games take place between Roseburg to the north, Ashland to the south, and Klamath Falls to the east. On limited occasions, we may play a game in Redding, Ca. In a typical year, the opportunity does exist to participate in a summer tournament in Portland, but this is not a requirement for this age group.

As we get to the U12 age group and beyond, we have 2 levels of competitive soccer our Classic program, which competes in the same geographic footprint as the academy (and plays in 1 away summer tournament), and our Premier program which plays in a statewide league. Even at the premier level, we would have no more than 6 overnight trips in a 10-month season. Everything else is played locally.

Why is competitive soccer so much more expensive than recreational soccer?

We get this question very frequently. First of all, our competitive teams operate on an 8-to-10-month schedule (depending on level) whereas our recreational program is a 15-to-16-week program (7 to 8 weeks in each season). In addition to the difference in duration, our competitive academy is run by professional coaches. David Horst oversees both the boy's and the girl's programs and is the head coach of the boy's program. David played professionally for 11 years in Major League Soccer and holds a C license from the US Soccer Federation. Jason Jantzer is the head coach of the girl's program. Jason has close to 20 years of coaching experience and holds a United Soccer Coaches National Level Diploma.

As we move beyond the academy, each of our premier teams is staffed with professional coaches and we are working to move to professional coaching within our classic program within the next few years as well.

If you compare the overall cost of our competitive soccer programs with virtually any other youth activity in the valley, you will find that the pricing is incredibly reasonable especially given the length of our season and the frequency of training and games.

I understand that your competitive program is reasonably priced, but I still just can't afford it. What should I do?

The fact is, the Rogue Valley Timbers are committed to making sure that every kid who wants to play soccer has the opportunity regardless of finances. We provide over $50,000 in financial assistance to players every year. If finances are an issue, please reach out to us as we are happy to help.

We are able to provide this assistance because of the support of our community business partners, the fact that we run an annual competitive tournament (Rogue Memorial Challenge), and an annual fundraising auction (Beer and Benevolence). If you know of a business that would like to get involved in sponsoring our organization, please put our Executive Director, Kevin Primerano, in touch with them (kevinp@rvsoccer.com).

My child plays multiple sports and I heard that the RV Timbers require you to focus solely on soccer. Is this true?

This is the furthest thing from the truth. We pride ourselves on following a long-term athletic development model. As such, we encourage players to play multiple sports. Even at the highest levels of play and at the oldest age groups we encourage players to play multiple sports. We do ask that players communicate clearly to coaches about any conflicts.

For more information contact Rogue Valley Timbers Director of Coaching David Horst:

David Horst