Player Code of Conduct

Rogue Valley Timbers Players Code of Conduct

1. I'll exhibit good sportsmanship at all times.

2. I will respect all players (both teammates and opponents) at all times. Bullying, hazing and any conduct which can be construed as such is strictly prohibited.

3. I will respect all game officials and their decisions. I understand that the RVT has a zero-tolerance policy on abusing or harassing referees. Any such action which may be deemed as referee abuse or harassment may be grounds for suspension or removal from the club.

4. I will treat all coaches (both mine and my opponents) with respect.

5. I will be on time and in the required attire for all practices and games. I will communicate ahead of time when there is a conflict.

6. I will play by and respect the laws of the game.

7. I will represent the Rogue Valley Timbers with dignity and pride both on and off of the field.

8. I understand that playing time is at the discretion of the coaching staff. My effort and attitude in both practice and games can directly affect my playing time.