2020/2021 Competitive Program Information:

For a complete breakdown of fees for each program, CLICK HERE.

Please see the description of our 2020/2021 competitive programs below. The schedule for each age group follows. Single age groups tryout together regardless of the program you're interested in being considered for.

Premier Level (Players born between 2009 and 2007)
Traditionally, our premier level teams compete in a statewide league. Families can expect to play in 1 to 2 summer tournaments. Games are held throughout the state and you can expect to make 2 to 3 overnight trips for league games between September and October.

For the spring season, training begins in early January. You can expect to make another 2 overnight trips for spring league games.

State Cup (our state championship series) begins in April. We will place premier teams in the Oregon State Cup Tournament if we feel they are ready to compete in it. Teams playing in this event can expect to have an additional 2 overnight trips throughout the month of April. Premier teams that we feel are not ready for this event will play in the President's Cup which takes place in November.

Premier teams are coached by our trained professional coaching staff.

Please note: We are not completely sure what the summer tournament availability will be or what the league structure will look like this fall. We are hopeful there will be a statewide league. However, due to Covid-19, we have to remain flexible and may have to be creative in creating appropriate competition for these teams.

Classic Level (Players born between 2009 and 2007)

The RVSC Classic Program is for the player that wants the competitive experience but is unable to commit or not ready to participate in the premier program. Our Classic Program competes in the Southern Oregon Classic League (SOCL) in both the fall and spring with travel limited to the communities of Grants Pass, Ashland, Roseburg, and Klamath Falls. The Classic teams compete in one preseason tournament which is traditionally the Mount Hood Challenge as well as the Rogue Memorial Challenge. There is the potential to compete in other events throughout the year if the team is interested.

Classic teams are coached by volunteer parent coaches and overseen by the RVT Director of Coaching. The premier team coach in an age group will run training sessions for classic teams several times per season.

Saturday, June 27th
Boys and Girls born in 2009 (Both Premier and Classic)
10:00 AM to 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

*Players Must Attend Both Sessions!!!

Sunday, June 28th (Both Premier and Classic)
Boys and Girls born in 2008
10:00 AM to 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

*Players Must Attend Both Sessions!!!

Monday, June 29th
Boys and Girls born in 2007
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Players Born in 2006
Several years ago, the United States Soccer Federation mandated that youth soccer form competitive teams based on a player's birth year rather than their school year. This decision has created a multitude of obstacles to our ability to operate our programs. The biggest obstacle is created at the U15 age group (currently our 2006 age group) as some players of this age are moving into high school and some are going into eighth grade. Due to this issue, the fall season can be incredibly challenging.

The Rogue Valley Timbers wholeheartedly supports and encourages all players entering the 9th grade to pursue a spot on your high school soccer team. Becoming part of your high school community is an integral part of your holistic development.

The Rogue Valley Timbers will work diligently to provide the best fall program possible for players remaining in the eighth grade. Since the age classification change, we have been faced with different scenarios each fall season, so we do not have a one size fits all solution. Some years, we had enough players to play in the statewide league, some it made sense to stay local. And sadly, some years we didn't have enough players to form a team at all. In this case, we've integrated those players into the training sessions of another team.

In the end, we truly won't know what the solution for this year's group will be until we see how many players we have to work with.

Tryouts for the 2006 age group are for the fall only. The 2006 age group will try out again in November for our Premier High School program.

Development Academy (Players born in 2010 and select 2011's*)

*Players born in 20011 will most likely spend 2 years in the development academy and will not move forward with the 2010's

We will be hosting several player identification clinics and informational sessions for the 2010 age group. Players in this age group are encouraged to attend all of these (free clinics). Our professional coaching staff will issue invitations to players identified in these clinics to become part of our 2020/2021 Development Academy.

The RVT U11 Competitive Development Academy is aimed at preparing players interested in playing soccer at a competitive level.

The Academy is focused on the technical development of our youngest competitive players. Often times, the pure desire to win every game and tournament tends to inhibit the development process and causes coaches and players to skip important steps in the overall development process. What wins games at this young age doesn't necessarily translate into learning to play the game properly and being successful at the older age groups.

In order to assure that we are developing players that can compete for the win when it truly matters, our philosophy is individual player development driven, rather than team results-driven. Players will play every position on the field throughout the year regardless of how it affects game outcome (no one will be forced to play goalkeeper). Players will be instructed to learn to play the game the right way...not just kick it far and outrun the defense. Players will be encouraged to take risks during the game.

The Boys and Girls Academy will be overseen and staffed by licensed professional coaches. Volunteer parent coaches will still work with these licensed coaches to facilitate practice and games. Professional Coaches will be announced shortly.

The teams will be formed from the overall pool of players and will change on a weekly basis. This allows all players to have the opportunity to play with and get to know all of the players in the group while at the same time allowing us the flexibility to manage the rosters to ensure that games are competitive in nature. The games will take place in the SOCL and have limited travel to Grants Pass, Roseburg, Klamath Falls, and Ashland. The fall season runs from the weekend after Labor Day until the last weekend in October. The Spring Season begins the weekend after Spring Break and runs through the weekend prior to Memorial Day.

The U11 age group typically attends the Mount Hood Challenge in Portland at the beginning of August (this remains to be seen as we're not certain of the tournament schedule this year due to Covid-19) and then play in the Rogue Memorial Challenge at the end of May.

Training for the fall season will begin in Mid-July. Training for the spring will begin in late February/early March.